Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Still I Rise

Shattered, but I'm not broken
Wounded still time will heal
Heavy the load the cross I bear
Lonely, the road I trod I dare
Shaken, but here I stand
Weary, still I press on
Long are the nights, the tears I cry
Dark are the days, no sun in the skies
Yet still I rise
Never to give up
Never to give in
Against all odds
Yet still I rise
High above the clouds
At times I feel low
Yet still I rise
Sometimes I'm troubled
But not is despair
Struggling, I make my way through
Trials they come to make me strong
I must endure, I must hold on
Above all my problems
Above all my eyes can see
Knowing God is able
To strengthen me...

Yet still I rise
~Yolanda Adams