Friday, January 18, 2008


-Has it ever solved anything?
-Did it invent the telephone?
-Does it provide scholarships?
-Does it promote healthy behavior?
-Is it fun?
-Does it make one laugh or smile?
-How much money is made from it?
-Does it beef up the resume?
-Do kids laugh and play about it?
-Do we pleasantly talk about it over lunch?
-How many great presidents has it brought about?
-How much trust has it given rise to?
-Can it feed the poor?
-Is it available on prescription?
-Who likes it?
-Who loves it?
-Can it be listed under hobbies?
-How often can it be played for one team to win?
-Does it unify people?
-Is it seasonal?
-Does it quench thirst?
-Is it recyclable?
-Can it be taught at school?
-Can it be taught at home?

...Is it worth it?

Imagine a world where we don't have to fight to put a point across. I can.