Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Woman

This poem was inspired by a woman I met who had 3 jobs, a husband (job 4) and 2 kids (job 5). She came from nothing, and made something great of herself through hard work and determination. When I asked her what the best part of her long, successful, painful journey was, she said it was "To Be A Woman". So I drafted this quickly as a constant reminder of what it really means, to be a woman.

To Be A Woman...

To Be A Woman...
is to share and love
above all other...
to fight the fight
and bear the burden...
its to cry the last tear
and to give the last kiss...
its to smile brighter when
your heart wont allow...
To Be A woman...
is to carry the dying soul
to lift the flag high..
of ownership design and conception
To Be A woman
is to know the meaning of 9 months
the meaning of 10 minutes
and the meaning of a lifetime..
To Be A Woman
is to think and to learn
To educate and discipline
To hurt and smile
To die and carry
To lift higher and sink lower
To Be A woman
is something blessed of God
its to be a treasure unknown
Yet used by many
Its to be the last jewel
To be the last thought
and the first memory
To Be A woman
is to be a mirror image of all things
Because to be a woman...
is to see all things, know all things...
To Be A woman
is to give life
to combine recipes...
that give birth to eyes hands and little minds
To Be a woman
is to be a woman...
To Be a woman
is to be all this and more
Because to be a woman...
is to be a miracle