Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wemukelwe -- Wamkelekile -- Welcome

So, a friend of mine who always finds a way to criticize me, only to find that her ideas always bring out the best in me, said "Your thoughts are always all over the place, you dont own an organizer or a calendar, yet you remember everything...why dont u just start a blog"..well, truth be told neh, I have piles and stacks of journals I wrote in since I was in Primary school, anything from having a crush on my Tae-Kwon-Do instructor (who later married my Math teacher and left me my first heartbreak) to thoughts on where I would see myself in a year, two years, 10...to whatever was happening around me, be it walking down Manzini's dusty streets on my way from a 9 hour schoolday, or meeting street kids on the way who, ironically, always inspired me to be better. Well, I am better. not the best yet, but better. And I have a blog online now, yay! I can stop browsing through pages trying to find out what the fight I had with a random new-comer after morning prayers was all about back then in Standard 5.

I'm interested in many things, Ive been told I talk too much and the way I tell stories, "I make green peas sound interesting". Basically to say, I overexaggerate. True, but this is why we are mad bored in Biochem class. The true facts are never interesting. Maggi Spices and Knorr soup on the other hand....can give the chicken some new life (in the stomach). But I'm starting this blog not to ramble on about myself, albeit the fact that I am a very interesting person and you know you would love to know about me...well, wait. On second thought, Maybe i'll do that occasionally. Check.
But really, my greatest passions are Swaziland, Africa, People, Music and Infectious Diseases. So you will be reading alot about the above. I particularly want to bring more awareness to Health issues of all sorts, and to celebrate people, and music. By music, I really just mean African music. But hei! that Beyonce, I love her jo. She is definitely a guilty pleasure. But Beyonce's been talked about a little too much (to gaging reflexes), on the other hand...my Malaika hasnt. Maybe you can also get an inside scoop on whats going on in my life :-). Right now though, I'm on my way to my favorite class. Epidemiology. Ah! love it. Did you know 50% of circumsized men dont know they are circumsized? Ridiculas!