Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who do YOU love?

I love alot of things. I love alot of people. Same goes for you too I hope? Or else, I'd tell you to get that sorted out. So the question isn't love then. It's who are you thinking about that you love? legit neh? So, Valentines Buzz is in the air, there's a major frozen rain/snow/hail/all bad things weather can bring and like some old friends would say ...well, fine, like I would say (Just cos I know my friends will read this and know I'm lying)'s "baby-making weather" (For all you married folks that have your lives and health insurance sorted out ahem). Although I've never really been a Valentines person, atleast I don't consider myself to love any more or any less on February 14 than I do any other day, I celebrate love. I celebrate loving people, I celebrate being loved and on some years I celebrate having that special someone to get roses from. big deal. Especially when you have the same recurring fights again the next week.
So, today I thought alot about my childhood, where I come from, the people I've left behind. Particularly, the children growing up today that never had the chance to be loved, or feel loved. or get a rose, or taste chocolate, or get a hug. It's cold, someone doesn't have a blanket, or a book to snuggle to, no friend, perhaps no parent. The most painful fact about it is none of them chose where they are. None of them chose their parents, or their disease, or their society. And I'll devote a whole blog later on what you and I can do to change this, but for today I just wanted to celebrate the life of these kids .. wherever they are, whoever they may be. If I could break up my smile Id cut it into a million pieces and spread it all over them. They continue to be an inspiration and a passion, a desire to give back and to create a change I want to see and live. I love you all.