Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy Birthday

You know when you get your first male friend...and it seems like you will get married even though you know yre just friends? And then you get older and grow apart. You see pictures of him all grown and dating and you smile, and laugh because you remember those days after church when you would sit and talk about the funniest things in life....when you'd make fun of each other all through that discreet phonecall? You watch him grow, from a distance...and u wonder how on earth u havent talked for years, but still remember his birthday.....

You know when you're the baby of the house, and that 7-year gap between u and yr sister just doesn't cut it? You're jealous of all the freedom she gets, and she's jealous of all the spoilage you receive. When you get so angry that you want to murder her in her sleep...and yet you know you love her more than anything on earth...When you beat each other up until you're red and sore an your mother watches u from the kitchen and tells you how stupid you both are? When she teaches you how to use tampons and you still think they are disgusting. Then she teaches you how to deal with men, and gives you a beautiful niece and nephew that you love to death? When she gives you your first drink of amarula and makes sure she's there to monitor your every move thereafter? When she tells on you and steals your make-up and after you complain and almost shoot her, she brings out the best birthday gift ever for you. When you're miles apart yet her jokes still make you laugh wherever you are...and you know you can always run into her closet when you have that "wat to wear" attack...When its such a busy day, and you havent spoken to her in days...but you still remember her birthday..

Happy Birthday to two special people in my life!